[Basics// Speedbar// Dired directory// Bookmarks]
Command Description
C Control
M Meta = Alt or ESC
M-d Delete next word
M-delete Delete previous word
C-x C-f open/create a file in buffer
C-x C-s save the file
C-x C-S save all files
C-x C-w write the text to an alternate name
C-x C-v find alternate file
C-x b createnswitch buffers
C-x k kill buffer
C-y yank last kill
M-y cycle yank on previous kills
C-M n Move to the end of the block
C-M p Move to the beginning of the block
C-z Suspend Emacs
C-x C-c Save Emacs
M-x speedbar initiate speedbar
q leave speedbar
b show buffers menu
f show file system menu
g refresh directory
e enter entry
/ next entry
p previous entry
= expand line
- contract line
U up directory
t toggle updates
M-x speedbar-get-focus focus speedbar
M-x speedbar-flush-expand-line update elements from a file
Dired directory
C-x d Initiate dired directory
C-m d Enter or go to previous directory
~ Mark files ending with ~ for deletion
# Mark files ending with # for deletion
d Mark files for deletion
x Delete marked files
+ Create directory
R Rename file
Bookmark list
C-x r m Set a bookmark at the current location (e.g. in a file)
C-x r b Jump to a bookmark
C-x r l List your bookmarks
M-x bookmark-delete Delete a bookmark by name
a Show anotation for the current bookmark
A Show all anotations for your bookmarks
d Mark for deletion
e Edit anotation
r Rename current bookmark
C-o Switch to the current bookmark in another window
C-x v ~ Switch to branch or commit